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Never Pay Up Front Fees to Sell your Timeshare

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No Up Front Fees!

Never, ever pay for service before rendered. Do not pay anyone a fee in advance to sell your timeshare. This is the timeshare scam of the century and timeshare owners lose millions to it each year!

     Here's how it works.

You'll see ads on TV, in newspapers and on the radio or you may get an email that you reply to out of curiosity.  If you call or reply to one of these come on's, your just setting yourself up for spending good money after bad.  Virtually all of these so called Re-Sale companies just want to rip you off.

They will say that your timeshare is worth much more than it really is.  It sounds good when someone tells you that what you own is worth a great deal of money and that's the psychological hook that these outfits pray on.  Some will even tell you that if they don't sell it they will refund your money.  If they are so confident that they can sell it, why do they want your money up front.  If they were legitimate they would wait to collect their fee until the item sells.  These outfits just don't make good sense!  We all would like to get as as much money back as possible out of a timeshare that we no longer wish to support but at the same time we must use good common sense. 

     The plain truth about timeshare is that when purchased from the developer, they are simply not good bargains. We are not knocking developers, they have to charge hefty retail prices to recoup their marketing and sales costs. They are the quintessential sales pro's. They know how to get people to purchase by selling the sizzle and putting people "under the either" as we say. This is probably how you bought yours.  Developers have many resources and huge marketing budgets to accomplish their sales goals.  We as individuals don't have these resources and selling any timeshare is in fact a tough proposition.

      Fortunately, savvy consumers are looking to the resale markets more and more to fulfil their needs while developers are fighting this trend aggressively*.

     This is good news to those of you who wish to sell their timesahare....for a reasonable price. There are many sellers of timeshare weeks and the market is in favor of the buyer. Sellers can still make a good bargain by being realistic in their expectations and willing to negotiate with buyers whom make reasonable offers.

     When selling... price the week, points package, or vacation club reasonably. Do some home work to find out what your particular timeshare has been bringing (closed sales) on the resale market.

     Your week or program will sell within a reasonable length of time if you follow this advise. Advertise it on this web site. Price it relative to what other weeks like yours are selling for, rather than what they are listed at. Check with us to determine the ranges of closed sales, we will be happy to assist you with this.

*Just a quick note on developers fighting back at re-sale. Some unscrupulous developers are telling customers that if they purchase their timeshare on the resale market that the buyer will not receive all of the benefits of ownership. Some are designing their programs to make it prohibitive to sell to any perceived "competitor".  Developers Fight Back, Read More …

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